What we do

Parallel Loop is a software engineering consultancy that delivers customized solutions for embedded & mobile applications.

Leveraging years of experience in C++ and Java environments, we work directly with customers, assessing their needs and focusing our efforts on delivering the most positive impact for their products and services.

We bring motivation, expertise and a sense of humor with us when solving problems and like working with clients who enjoy what they do and see the benefits in carefully designed systems and software.


I created Parallel Loop to apply my 16 years of software architecture and engineering expertise to solving problems for people and businesses.

I have dedicated my career to systems programming and application design. With a focus on requirements, reuse and composable designs that are easier to maintain and build upon.

Some significant previous work includes design and development of graphics systems for a large media player application, extensive experience in Blu-Ray / DVD and related video and audio codecs.

Other work includes microservice design with C++, Go, SQL and GRPC. Android systems development for customized hardware solutions and app developement in KitKit (4.4) and later. Also, rendering of Point Cloud data with VTK and visualization of sensor data with QT and OpenGL.

When not working, I do distance trail running, play euro style boardgames and explore new culinary techniques from souffles to sous-vide.

–Brant Rosenberger


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